Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bengals Week - Day 3: GETCHYA COLD CUTS

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I kinda collected football cards as a kid. They just sort of appeared in my mammoth card pile. Tons of ProSet, obviously. I've purged myself of almost all of them, save for a few player collections I just couldn't part with. How about five days worth of every football card I own, whatchasay?
Day 3: Ickey Woods

Ickey went for 1000 yards his rookie year, a huge surprise. Also lead the NFL in yards/attempt. He helped the Bengals get to the Super Bowl that year with 300+ yards in his 3 playoff games. He was going to be huge. Then injuries beset the Ickster and he would only have 459 more career yards over the next 3 seasons and would call it a career. I wish I had more cards of his. Such is life.

I'm tied to Mr. Woods in that I played youth soccer with his kid, and then high school football with him. The Ickster was a frequent attendant of many of my mediocre athletic endeavors. Often sporting crutches.

Of course, you all may be familiar with Ickey due to those silly insurance commercials. Nice to see the man getting some work, I suppose.

Who Dey.

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