Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bengals Week - Day 4

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I kinda collected football cards as a kid. They just sort of appeared in my mammoth card pile. Tons of ProSet, obviously. I've purged myself of almost all of them, save for a few player collections I just couldn't part with. How about five days worth of every football card I own, whatchasay?
Day 4: Three Minor PCs

Ken Anderson - 32,000 yards, all with Cincy. 1981 Super Bowl appearance. West Coast Offense before it was cool.

Chris Collinsworth - Yes, I actually enjoy his in-game commentary, though he does need to stop sucking Tom Brady's popsicle.

Willie Anderson - Namesake of the only Bengals jersey I own. Had to get it custom. Not a lot of love for o-linemen. Good. We don't need your love.

Who Dey.

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