Saturday, May 30, 2015

Virtual Frankenset: Page 2

Why is my Frankenset better than yours? Because mine is all Reds.

Frankenset Rules:

1) Be arbitrarily chosen by Red Cardboard based on coolness
2) See 1

Let's roll with Page 2.

1985 Topps Rose #10 Pete Rose. Both of the first two Frankenset pages open with Petey. I'm ok with this.

1992 Bowman #11 Trevor Hoffman. Fun facts about The Hoff: He spent his first two minor league years as a batter. Then he spent two years in the Reds' farm pitching. Then we let the Marlins snag him in the expansion draft. Then they traded him after a half season to the Padres, where he had some moderate success.

2014 Topps The Greats #12 Johnny Bench. Just like this set, is all.

1991 Topps #13 Mariano Duncan. Great photo. Hall of Fame cameo. My first collected set. Winner.

1971 Topps #14 Dave Concepcion. RC of a man who SHOULD BE IN THE HALL OF FAME. Also, mint condition, obviously.

1993 Topps Finest #15 Bip Roberts. Some serious Bippage, yo.

2006 Fleer Lumber Company #16 Ken Griffey Jr. There will be many Griffeys in this Frankenset. Many.

1995 Stadium Club Ring Leaders #17 Kevin Mitchell. These Ring Leaders cards are insane. I love them.

1987 Hills Nashville Sounds #18 Chris Sabo. Let's see, a Sabo minor league card, an undersized card, and a defunct department store. Beautiful.

Go Reds.


  1. I have a Cubs FrankenSet with pretty much the same rules. That page is awesome. Especially the Sabo!

  2. Hey do you need the 1993 Toy's R Us Stadium Club Reds team set? I busted open the plastic stadium to get the Angels and few others out.

    1. Yeah, I only have the Dan Wilson from that set. I think I have a couple of 2015 DK Angels lying around, including a Trout.