Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Purchase from PJs

First up, I sent some card packages out this morning, claimed via the 'Take My Cards' post. Zip Codes represented:


So expect a package whenever the Post Office sees fit to get it to you.

Today's post is a recent purchase I made at pjssportscards.com, a site recommended by reader/commenter Mark. It took about two weeks from the time of purchase to get here, BUT with free shipping on any order over five bucks and volume discounts, I'll let it slide.

Let's roll.

My favorite card of the purchase, a 1977 Disc of Dave Concepcion. If you're unaware of these 70's-80's Discs, they were produced to be customized by many distributors, usually convenience stores, food products, and restaurants, so there are a plethora of different backs including Dairy Isle, Safelon, Red Barn, Buckman, Crane, Orbakers, Towne Club, Carousel,  Isaly, Detroit Caesars, Holiday Inn, MSA, Pepsi, Saga, Wendy's, Zip's, Burger Chef, and  Wiffle Ball. Pretty sure there were more, too. But why is this my favorite? Because it has my favorite back...

Chilly Willee! Nice.

This PJs purchase was defined, though, by vintage O-Pee-Chee...

Je t'aimerai toujours cartes de Canada.

Also snagged a bunch of these 80's stickers. I don't know why. I'm making surprisingly good progress on the team sets for all years.

Here's an excellent Squirt card of George Foster from 1981. Will go nicely with my Dave Concepcion I picked up a while back. Look at that. It's an exclusive limited edition!

Some odds and ends I needed. The '87 and '88 Fleers are the glossy versions. You'll notice the Oester is a Leaf, not a Donruss. And the Corky was off my Top Eleven needs, finishing off the team set.

1963 Topps Harry Bright. Most excellent. I do believe Mr. Bright is a Dapper Dan man.

1994 Fleer Extra Bases. Obnoxiously oversized. Yet I have 10 of them now.

1975 Hostess Dave Concepcion, 1976 Hostess Dave Concepcion, 1977 Hostess George Foster, and 1975 Topps Mini Tom Carroll. All sets I'm chipping away at. Excuse me. All sets at which I'm chipping away.

And the final card, a 1980 Topps Super George Foster, in its 5" x 7" goodness. I don't know what I'm going to do with this, but I'm sure I'll accidentally damage it at some point. Hey, check out that photo from the Hostess card? Hmmm...

Go Reds.

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  1. They don't process the orders super quick but the price is right. Good selection and free shipping