Friday, February 28, 2014

Completely Red: 1993 Upper Deck

The first major design change for Upper Deck, but still top notch photography. Pretty nice base design, with the facsimile signature and the 'Upper Deck' nameplate seemingly hovering in the field behind the player. Plus a bevy of subsets (Star Rookies, Top Prospects, Peter Gammons' Inside the Numbers, Multi-Player Team Cards, Art Checklists) make this a killer junk era set.

The Reds have 29 cards in the monster 840 card checklist. Bill Doran turning two, Hal Morris snagging a foul ball from the stands, Joe Oliver's catching close-up, and Juan Samuel's painful slide are all very nice. Also, we have the 1,000th 'Red October' pun to be featured on a 90's card. Look out for a Bip sighting.


Cards - 29

RC's - 2 (Tim Pugh, Chad Mottola)

All Stars - 11 (Dan Wilson, Bip Roberts, Chris Sabo, Tom Browning, Reggie Sanders x2, Juan Samuel, Jeff Reardon, Kevin Mitchell, Roberto Kelly, Rob Dibble, John Smiley)

Hall of Famers - 1 (Barry Larkin)

Reds Hall of Famers - 4 (Jose Rijo, Tom Browning, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo)

Star Rookies That Aren't Rookie Cards - 3 (Willie Greene, Dan Wilson, Tim Costo)

Hal Morris in the Tron Universe at Sunset - Check


4 Willie Greene
6 Dan Wilson
11 Tim Costo
26 Tim Pugh
107 Bill Doran
112 Bip Roberts
121 Hal Morris
147 Chris Sabo
216 Chris Hammond
226 Jose Rijo
234 Joe Oliver
245 Barry Larkin
270 Tom Browning
329 Scott Bankhead
354 Reggie Sanders
368 Tim Belcher
400 Dave Martinez
443 Chad Mottola
469 Reggie Sanders IN
473 Red October
527 Juan Samuel
541 Jeff Reardon
622 Randy Milligan
642 Jeff Branson
646 Kevin Mitchell
655 Roberto Kelly
675 Rob Dibble
694 John Smiley
833 Hal Morris Team Checklist

Go Reds. 

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