Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trade Box

If you're reading card blogs and somehow don't know about Nick at Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey, then your internet skillz are very poor. Go to his site. 

He claimed some of my Take My Cards cards, and was good enough to send some goodness in return. Shall we?

1976 SSPC Ted Kluszewski, Alex Grammas, Fred Norman, Bill Plummer. I already had Norman and Plummer, but the coach cards of Klu and Grammas are excellent additions.

These are my first cards from the Hometown Heroes release: Tom Browning base and Brandon Phillips Defining Moments. Pretty nice. As much as I love Bench, Morgan, and Perez, it's nice to see other classic Reds getting some modern love.

This. I did not know what this even was. Flip it over... 1995. Alrighty. Pre-Chrome chrome. Phil Rizzuto's National Pastime? Ok I still don't know what this is. BUT. I like it. Super old-school baseball is always interesting. After 10 seconds of Google-fu, I see these were release by Comic Images and these were referred to as MagnaChrome. Sweet.

Bowman Drew Bowman Blue. That just rolls off the tongue, don't it? And it's serialed out of 500. Excellent.


Had the Votto '72 and the Davis Topps UK. Needed the Frazier Ginter and the Bench Topps Kimball. This Frazier regular back joins my Frazier A&G back.

Somebody shops at Wal-Mart. Approved.

1986 Topps Tiffany Ron Oester, John Stuper. Awesome. I have 90% of the Tiffany Reds from 1987-1989 and about about a dozen from 1990. But these are my first from '86. It's still odd to feel the gloss on junk era Topps. It makes my brain confused.

Bowman Golds Sean Buckley, Mike Leake. And by Bowman Gold, I mean Bowman Yellowish Brown.

Three oddities I didn't have. TriStar Kyle Lotzkar, Pinnacle Performers Bret Tomko, Topps Update Chasing History Joey Votto. Lotzkar is entering his 8th year in the Reds Minor Leagues, which began at age 17. He's struggled lately, but he's still relatively young.

I had all of these already, but oddballs need posted. Ames All Stars Eric Davis, Starline Long John Silver's Eric Davis, Drake's George Foster. Nice.

And the rest of the pile of welcome Reds doubles. It was a solid package.

Thanks Nick. Keep the dime-boxing alive, brother.


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  2. Yes. Nick at dime box is definetly worth a visit

  3. My pleasure, Matt. Glad I found at least a few new Reds for you. Those '80s Topps Tiffanys don't quite feel right to me, either.