Monday, February 10, 2014

House of 1000 Parallels - Part 3/3

We're closing up this avalanche of goofy parallels today. Let's do it to it.

1998 Leaf Fractal Foundation Aaron Boone #'d/3999. I wasn't collecting in '98, but I'm guessing serial numbers were a huge deal. At 3,999 copies, though, this card has been reduced to dime box material by today's standards. Ain't no thing. It's real purdy in hand.

Ah minis. Yeah, I spelled minis with only the two 'i's' it comes with? Sue me. We have a 2007 Fleer Mini Bronson Arroyo, 2009 Topps 206 Mini Brandon Phillips. 2007 Allen & Ginter's Mini Brandon Phillips, and a 2005 Bowman Heritage Mini Felipe Lopez.

1988 Fleer Glossy Most Everybody. Missing the Larkin, among others. The way these 1980's Glossy sets tend to be sold is: Non-star 10 cents, Semi-star 10 cents, Star 10 cents, All Time Great 5 dollars. Such is life.

1992 Topps Gold Barry Larkin AS, Billy Hatcher. 1992 O-Pee-Chee Steve Foster. Note these are just the Golds, not the Gold Winners. There are more 'Winner' cards than regular cards out there thanks to a screw up on Topps' end during the printing. These were the first true parallels, so I suppose we can give em a pass. Or not.

2002 Bowman Gold Ty Howington, Mike Eusebio, 2003 Bowman Gold Stephen Smitherman, 2007 Bowman Gold Jared Burton. These were all from when Bowman was using ultra-thick card stock for their golds. These things are bricks, man. They chip easily, though. Escpecially when they're bouncing around dime boxes for a decade.

1998 Bowman International Dewayne Wise, Justin Towle, 1995 Bowman Gold Foil Ray Brown, 1996 Bowman Foil Tim Belk. We can see Bowman's early parallel experiments weren't terribly pretty. And as per the '95 Brown, there were rookies in the set that were silver foiled as part of the base set, then gold foiled as a parallel, leading to the odd notion of only parallelizing part of the set.

We'll close off the shenanigans with a Griffey, because all Griffeys are good. 2004 Topps Cracker Jack Mini Ken Griffey Jr. Of the Cincinnati Nationals.

Go Reds.

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