Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tuckus Week, Day 5: 90's Cavalcade

This entire week will be devoted to an underrated aspect of the card world: Card backs. Rumps. Posteriors. Booties. Arses. Badonkadonks. Fannies. Cabooses. The tuckus. Ok I'm done. Baby got back, and so does Red Cardboard.
Today we'll check out some 1990's piles from Donruss, Fleer, Score, and Bowman. Remember them? Yeah, me neither.
1993 Donruss Spirit of the Game. These were cool inserts, back in the day. The fronts were excellent action shots, as were the backs. Plus, we get those GIANT YELLOW LETTERS. Why, Donruss? Just, why? That Bip Roberts up top would be so great without it.

1998 Donruss Deion Sanders. Just a cool photo.

1993 Donruss Reggie Sanders, Bip Roberts, Bill Doran, Joe Oliver, Dave Martinez. All five are excellent photos relegated to the rear. I've mentioned before my love of '93 Donruss, mostly due to opening a ton of it as a kid. These backs justify my love.

1994 Donruss Rob Dibble. One year of stats. Full bleed. Cool pic. Not bad.

1996 Flair deserves a full page scan. THREE photos of the player on the BACK. Whoa nellie. Topps would never 'waste' three pics like this. I miss you, 90's.

199 and 1994 Ultra get full page scans, too. The 93's are particularly good looking with those bright colors. And look at '94 rockin' the photo trio. Fantastic.

1993 Select Hal Morris, Reggie Sanders. Solid backs. Exceptional photos.

1992 Pinnacle Rookies Reggie Sanders. I find this shot of Reggie taking off really nice in combination with the design. A shame this back was only for a 30 card insert set.

1999 Bowman. The 'Now and Then' is a great find on this set. I was pleasantly surprised to discover these during my scanning marathon. The only acceptable reusing of photography I've encountered, by the way.

Tuckus Week rolls on. Go Reds.

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