Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tuckus Week, Day 1: Top Ten

This entire week will be devoted to an underrated aspect of the card world: Card backs. Rumps. Posteriors. Booties. Arses. Badonkadonks. Fannies. Cabooses. The tuckus. Ok I'm done. Baby got back, and so does Red Cardboard.

Day 1 will be my Top Ten. This is highly unofficial. I just culled my favorites from all the scans I've been doing. So here we go, in no discernible order.

1991 Score #795 Reds October. The only ultimate Cincinnati sports success in my lifetime. The front is awesome, showing Barry Larking mid-handspring next to my boy, Chris Sabo. But the back is better. How about another Reds World Series or two before I die, eh?

1956 Topps. Look at all that space being used for comics! So good. Topps would phase this out over the next two decades by shrinking the drawings to a laughably small size. But 1956 will live on.

1971 O-Pee-Chee. 1) It's pretty cool on it's own 2) The '71 Topps were so puke-green hideous, it makes these seem tremendous by comparisom 3) I like French.

2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams: All Reds. Look at that sweet shot of Riverfront Stadium. Is it weird that I miss the troughs in the men's room? Probably.

1976 Linnett Superstars #99 Cesar Geronimo. I don't know what the rest of this 5"x7" set looks like. I only have the one. But check this back out. A factoid laden blurb about some clipper ship? Sure. Fits perfectly with Big Red Machine outfielder Cesar Geronimo, right? Right. And who the hell is Pee Wee?

1970 Topps #358 Pedro Borbon. 1) Look at that silly boxing chicken. Hilarious. 2) Can you imagine any company nowadays praising cockfighting so casually?

1993 Leaf. These deserve two scans. Take away the stat lines and these are better fronts than most of the garbage out there. A little bit of Cincinnati goodness with a Fountain Square statue and the Roebling Bridge. Plus fresh player photos. What an underrated set.

1986 Fleer Baseball Team Stickers. Silly art. Nice trivia. Backs having nothing to do with the team on the front. These had it all, man. Props to Big Ed.

1993 Fleer All Stars #45 Barry Larkin. Because America.

1990 Collect-A-Books #28 Eric Davis. Strike that pose, buddy. I enjoyed these Collect-A-Books as a youth, and the drawings are what did it. Especially the 3rd-Grader level banner drawn up top. Friggin' sweet.

Day 1 is down, kiddies. Get ready to back that thang up for 6 more days. Go Reds.


  1. That was fun. It's amazing how we can sometimes ignore one side of something that only has two sides! A little attention span, and we've doubled the value for our buck (assuming the cards cooperate, like these gems).

  2. I have the complete 76 linnet set of Red Sox. Everyone has that same cheesy add. Big Ed was a great early player. Read his biography a few years ago. Very interesting guy.