Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuckus Week, Day 6: Vintage Oddballs

This entire week will be devoted to an underrated aspect of the card world: Card backs. Rumps. Posteriors. Booties. Arses. Badonkadonks. Fannies. Cabooses. The tuckus. Ok I'm done. Baby got back, and so does Red Cardboard.
Day 6 will focus on some vintage oddballs and rarities. These cards aren't unobtainably rare by any means, but we don't see a lot of them on the blogs, and certainly see the backs even less. Let's ride.

1964 Topps Giants Jim Maloney, Frank Robinson. These are pretty sweet. Huge color photo on the front distracts from the newspaper article-style display on the back. Bonus points for the phrase 'four-bagger', which needs to make a comeback.

1977 Pepsi Glove Disc Ken Griffey. Still in its original housing, this disc is hanging on by a thread. I need to stop moving it around. 1) Check out that sweet, sweet t-shirt. 2) Where else would Rico Carty get mentioned alongside Pete Rose and Joe Morgan? 3) "To my buddy, Red Cardboard. Best wishes, Pete Rose" just sounds so great.
Two more 70's discs. An Isaly's  Ken Griffey and a vastly superior Chilly Willee Dave Concecpion. I would love to find a stack of these somewhere. Every stack I've ever seen at a show was curiously deplete of Reds.

1951 Topps Red Backs Grady Hatton. The first Topps set, technically. This is the red back that is referenced (as opposed to the ultra rare blue back set). Just thought it needed shown.

1962 Reds Kahn's Gordy Coleman. These are oversized at 3.5" x 4" or so. Why am I showing this otherwise dull, type-set back? Check out the fourth line below his name. Ancestry stats! Never seen that before. I wonder how that would factor into fantasy baseball computations? Also, sorry ladies. Gordy is married, as mentioned right after his sturdy German-Irish heritage.

A bunch of Kellogg's goodies from various years. We see they landed on a format and stuck to it for a decade, but just couldn't help but shuffle the top plate. Player photo, Tony the Tiger, Raisin Bran Sun. Pick a lane, Kellogg.

The last one for today is only text, but I find it oddly fascinating. 1948 Leaf Kent Peterson. 1) Referred to as a promising pitcher after going 2-15. 2) An excellent error card, his ERA was 4.60, not .460. Going 2-15 with a .460 ERA would be fantastic. 3) Apparently mowing down a bunch of army men in sandlot games in the European Theater garners mention on your baseball card. Sure.

Closing up Tuckus Week tomorrow. Go Reds.

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  1. 1964 Topps Giants is such an awesome set. Maybe someday I'll be able to find affordable shortprints.