Saturday, February 8, 2014

House of 1000 Parallels - Part 1/3

As I've mentioned, I've been scanning every new card I get, in hopes of future posting goodness. This lead to my gargantuan scans folder, that needs parsed from time to time. So I've plucked 101 parallels of some sort out of that folder for a three part foray (not 1000; sorry). Let's ride.

2013 Topps Blue Sparkle Redemption Zack Cozart. Excellent photo. Excellent parallel. Population: Less than 150 each.

1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality Members Only Bret Boone, Jose Rijo, John Smiley, Kevin Mitchell, Hal Morris. Ok, so by 1995, foil was all the rage. Stadium Club base cards already had the player's name in foil, the 'TSC' logo in foil, and some foil around the team logo. Then there was the Virtual Reality parallel set, which just meant the words 'Virtual Reality' and some radiating lines around the team logo, of course, in foil. Stadium Club also had the 'Members Only' cards. Well, there should be 'Members Only' parallel cards, too, right? RIGHT! So add another foil stamp floating around in some random part of the card. These are so lame. But they are Reds, and they were 15 cents. So they're mine now.

2000 Topps Home Team Advantage. These sets were exclusive to Hobby Stores who were willing to buy them from Topps. Just like the regular set, but with an intrusive foil stamp. I guess some defunct store owner couldn't sell these sets for 13 years and finally broke them open to sell the individual cards. Lucky for me.

1999 Ultra Gold Medallion Brett Tomko, Dmitri Young and 2000 Ultra Gold Medallion Dmitri Young. These are much better than the previous years' Gold Medallion, which were just yet another a foil stamp parallel. These shine nicely. Not too sure about the die cut choice for 2000, but whatever. It's pretty tame compared to recent die cuts. Also, great sliding photo.

2002 Fleer Gold Backs. The stats and the 'Did You Know' are in gold ink instead of black ink. There's nothing else to say about these.

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green Xfractor Kevin Coddington, 2010 Bowman Gold Juan Francisco, 2001 Bowman Gold Sean Casey. The 2001 Bowman Golds are hard to spot sometimes. The signature is gold foil instead of black ink, so with a thin signature, like Casey's, it's easy to miss. The scan barely picks it up at all. And I don't know what's going on with that Coddington.

Parts 2 and 3 to come tomorrow and Monday. Go Reds.

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