Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reds in Order

Some goodies were sent to me by Tom over at Angels in Order via my 'Take My Cards' plea. Do go check his blog out, then scurry back over here to scope the loot.

We'll start all shiny with two Topps parallels from 2011. Chris Heisey Silver Sparkle and Brandon Phillips Update Target Red Border. As easily hate-able as the barrage of Topps parallels have been, the silver sparkle is awful purdy and I'll rarely complain about more red being thrown onto a card. More importantly, I didn't have either of these. New Reds are good Reds.

I showed off my 2014 Topps Reds recently, so I didn't feel the need to scan the new ones sent me. Ah, but in my haste I nearly missed the Power Players Jay Bruce. I saw the back, which is the contest rules instead of stats, and it jarred me. Curiously, Topps made these parallels for 199 of the 330 card set. Odd. Also, none of these have that elusive single-sparkle that Topps has brought back. Shucks.

Three from 200X Fleer Splendid Splinters. Typical Fleer set of the time, and a Turkey Red Edinson Volquez I curiously had neglected to catalog in my Needs files. Had it not been for Tom, I never would have known I was missing it. O, the joys of collecting.

Here's some stuff. Stuff is good.

2008 Upper Deck Documentary. Jay Bruce RC (photo 2) and Edinson Volquez. I now have, I think, 41 of the 162 base cards and 2 of the 162 Gold parallels. And without hardly trying. Maybe someday I'll have the entire base set and the 18 (!) binder pages needed to house it. Mmmm, no I won't.

Thanks, AiO. Go Reds.

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