Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vote in The Oddball World Cup Semi-Finals

Oh man. The trek is almost over. We have now two match-ups, each pitting a member of the Big Red Machine versus a member of the 1990 wire-to-wire champs. Here are the quarter-final results:

1990 Ames Eric Davis over 1989 Hills Danny Jackson 8 - 4
1982 Squirt Dave Concepcion over 1990 Hills Eric Davis 7 - 5
1981 Drake's George Foster over 1981 Squirt George Foster 6 - 5
1993 Duracell Barry Larkin over 1982 TCMA Ted Kluszewski 6 - 6 (tie break via higher seed)

Here are the brackets.

Voting closes Thursday. Go Reds.

Semi-Final Match 1: 1990 Ames Eric Davis vs. 1982 Squirt Dave Concepcion

Semi-Final Match 2: 1981 Drake's George Foster vs. 1993 Duracell Barry Larkin


  1. Wait, what? Kluszweski lost on a tie breaker? I'm sure there was some hanging chad somewhere. I demand a recount!

    1. Yeah I can't believe that duracell larkin has been so strong this whole time. i loved that klu.