Tuesday, February 16, 2016

1919-1921 W514 #108 Walter Reuther

Another strip card from a recent show. The other day I posted a 1920 W516 Heinie Groh. Today, a 1919-1921 W514 Walter Reuther.

This was a 120 card set released over three years in the usual strip form, and was apparently one of the earliest and most popular strip sets, possibly starting a minor boom of collecting. This is my second of the fourteen Reds in the set.

As for the player, Walter "Dutch" Reuther played 11 seasons in the majors for 5 different teams, 4 of which he went to the World Series with, including the Reds in 1919. He won 137 games as a starter, including a 19-6, 1.82 ERA campaign for the Reds in 1919 and a 21-win season for Brooklyn in 1922.

Go Reds.

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