Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vote in The Oddball World Cup Sweet Sixteen

Truckin' along. 96 turned into 32 turned into 16. It's crunch time. Check here for the brackets.

Voting closes Friday. Go Reds.

S16 Match 1: 1993 Commanders of the Hill Jose Rijo vs. 1989 Hills Danny Jackson

S16 Match 2: 1990 Ames Eric Davis vs. 1994 Tombstone Barry Larkin

S16 Match 3: 1990 Hills Eric Davis vs. 1990 Kay-Bee Ken Griffey

S16 Match 4: 1982 Squirt Dave Concepcion vs. 1989 Toys R Us Chris Sabo

S16 Match 5: 1989 Bazooka Chris Sabo vs. 1981 Drake's George Foster

S16 Match 6: 1991 Woolworth Barry Larkin vs. 1981 Squirt George Foster

S16 Match 7: 1989 Ames Eric Davis vs. 1993 Duracell Barry Larkin

S16 Match 8: 1982 TCMA Ted Kluszewski vs. 1991 Mootown Snackers


  1. Match 8 pits my two favorite cards in the whole bracket against each other. I'm bummed that they have to face off so early in the bracket. They were both final 4 material in my eyes.

    1. Yeah I'm in love with that Klu. And who doesn't love Mootown Snackers?