Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Show Time

I'd posted two strip cards from the January Columbus card show, as they each deserved their own posts. Here be the rest of the loot.

1970 Topps Pete Rose. I am now down to only needing one card from Topps for the entire 1970's decade, and that is the 1970 Hal McRae high number short print rookie. This Petey is obviously a big get, as it is also a high number. Not the most exciting card, what with the gray border and the too-close close-up. But all Pete is good Pete.

1939 Play Ball Paul Derringer. Reds Hall of Famer. Excellent.

1977-1984 Galasso Glossy Greats. I had a Johnny Vander Meer from this set. Now I have 5 of the 7 Reds from the set. I got the guy who sold me the Rose above to toss these in for free. Bow down to my haggling skills.

90's Donruss Press Proof? Yes please. The Cueto is a Refractor. The Arroyo is a mini die cut.

That American Pie Klu insert is super thick for no real reason. It was nice to find a serial numbered Dunn in the wild. And I'm glad someone went to target, bought some blasters, got disappointed, then unloaded the red parallels for a dime each. Other people's suffering is good for Red Cardboard.

I spent 90 cents on these, knowing I probably had many of them already. I needed 6 of the 9. That's fantastic odds.

Same deal here, but needed 5 of the 9. As long as it's not a regular old base card, I'll take a chance for a dime.

I'll close with the best purchase of the day. A thousand pages for thirty bucks. Oh. Yes. I've already started paging up some junk era sets. Hello '91 Fleer. Hello '91 Topps. Hello '92 Score. You have a home now.

Go Reds.