Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vote in The Oddball World Cup Elite Eight

Holy crap. It's almost over. I'm a little sad. But also pumped up to see who wins. Brackets are here. It appears y'all are a fan of Squirt soda and Hills department stores. Good to know.

Voting closes Monday. Disclaimer: Blogger's stupid poll widget isn't working (and hasn't been for a couple days) so I'm forced to use some third-party gadget thing. It seems terrible, but such is life. Hopefully, we only have to use it this once. Go Reds.

E8 Match 1: 1989 Hills Danny Jackson vs. 1990 Ames Eric Davis

E8 Match 2: 1990 Hills Eric Davis vs. 1982 Squirt Dave Concepcion

E8 Match 3: 1981 Drake's George Foster vs. 1981 Squirt George Foster

E8 Match 4: 1993 Duracell Barry Larkin vs. 1982 TCMA Ted Kluszewski
p.s. Carolina 27, Denver 20


  1. Hills will always have a soft spot in my heart. I'll die still swearing that their hot dogs were the best I've ever had. Must have been something about rotating on that warming pan for hours on end...

    1. I remember them having the best selection of folders ever. All the best garish 90's colors to look cool for school, dude.