Saturday, February 27, 2016

COMC vs. My Paycheck: Part 4 - Dunn and Griffey, but Mostly Dunn

I keep buying silly Adam Dunn cards. It's a sickness. Griffey too, but that is more socially acceptable.

Here's Leaf's tribute to the old Sportscaster release. These are regular size instead of giant and faux-rare. Faux-rare as in there are 15,000 versions of each, each serial numbered. These two are each out of 25. There are different colors and the little silhouette in the top right varies within each color I believe.

Did you know Adam Dunn was a Swing King? A King of Swing? So good he cracked the bat this relic was taken from, it seems.

Upper Deck Arifacts Blue. Yep.

Playoff Absolute Spectrum /100. Triple Threads base /1350. Yep and yep.

Man that Longball Leaders scanned poorly.

UD Baseball Heroes remains one of my favorite sets. I don't know why. I will have all of them someday. Green, blue, light blue, charcoal, tan, brown, red. There are likely more.

All four of these have Griffey looking pretty bored. HO HUM ANOTHER HOME RUN. YAWN.

The Meteor card looks better in hand. But all Chromes do. Hey, how about a bonus David Holmberg numbered out of 75 and a bonus Barry? Sure.

And I'll close this one with Joey Votto in his pajamas.

One more COMC post incoming. Go Reds.

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