Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some More Card Show Things! Things From a Card Show! Look at the Things!

First, of course, is to go vote in Group 2 of the NTNBRVT. I've already got a superb idea for my next tourney, though we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. My tournament cockles are rejuvenated.
Maybe I'm overselling this post with the exclamation-riddled title, but I don't care. Roll em out.

A pile of inserts I didn't have. Nice. For the curious:

1995 Pinnacle Upstarts Willie Greene
1997 Metal Mining for Gold Curt Lyons
1995 Topps League Leaders Kevin Mitchell
2000 UD Black Diamond Diamonation Sean Casey (Is that supposed to be a play on 'Diamond Nation' or 'Domination'? Maybe both.
1994 Score Rookie/Traded Changing Places Deion Sanders
1997 Donruss Rated Rookies Steve Gibralter
2010 Topps Opening Day Mascots Gapper (I hate the Gapper so much. So much.)
2010 Upper Deck Portraits Brandon Phillips

What's that? More inserts? The sideways kind?

1996 Leaf All Star Game MVP contenders Reggie Sanders
2002 Fleer Tradition Lumber Company Sean Casey
2005 Fleer Ultra RBI Kings Sean Casey

2010 Bowman Draft Chris Heisey signed (?). Now, I'm aware this may not be a legit signature from Mr. Heisey. I'm also aware that even if it is, it's very quickly washing away. BUT. It was in a nickel box. I am willing to bet five cents on this card. Mainly because I didn't have a Heisey IP.

One dime box dude had a ton of Ultra Gold Medallions from various years. He clearly busted a ton of the stuff. How's that ROI working, buddy?

Hey, even more Ultra Gold. And some Fleer Tiffany. And a UD Minors Future Stock parallel. And a Pacific Gold. And a Pacific Blue. And a Bowman Gold. These poor babies have been jumping from box to box and show to show for way too long, I'm sure. They are home now.

Bazooka Mini, Topps Mini, Topps 206 Mini. 10 cents, 10 cents, 10 cents.

A few 'tough' chromies. I never see '97 Chromes. And what's the deal with the print run on 2002 Topps Traded? I'm still missing a ton.

2003 Topps Gallery Artist's Proofs Austin Kearns/Sean Casey. These are extra shiny and wicked thick. Never seen these before. Dude had about 100 of em, but only two Redlegs.

Tons more show stuff to roll out over the next few days. Go Reds.


  1. With an iconic mascot like Mr. Red, why would there even be a need for Gapper? Great haul though!

    1. We have three mascots right now. Mr. Redlegs, Rosie Red, and The Gapper. It's pandemonium.

    2. And unfortunately, the Gapper is the only one topps ever puts on a card.

    3. Isn't Mr. Red also around? Or Mr. Redlegs was Mr. Red until he became two separate mascots or something? I tried to make sense of it the other day and gave up.

  2. I always thought it was Diamond + Domination.