Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself?

When I picked up this hobby again a few years ago, I vowed to only collect Reds. I only swayed in one project, that of having one card of every Hall of Famer. No big deal. Then a few months ago nostalgia took it's hold. I HAD to have complete sets of the releases I had tons of as a kid. Right in the heart of the junk era, baby. So I've been casually buying complete sets of junk wax for a buck or two more than shipping costs. Here are two more.

Hand-collated 1987 Topps. Cost: Shipping plus $0.97. Read that carefully, any who stumble here wondering how valuable his old cards are. This was four years prior to my collecting birth, but they were peppered all over yard sales and flea markets, so I had a thousand of em. Including that sweet Jose Canseco All Star Rookie. Nice.

Factory 1991 Upper Deck. This is right in my wheelhouse. Having just started collecting, and not knowing the history, I just assumed Upper Deck was king of the hill. I mean, look at that gloss! Sadly, though factory-sealed, it was missing a card. Due to lack of patience, I went to Sportlots and paid 83 cents to get a single common. Blech. Cost: Shipping MINUS $2.15 plus $0.83. Yeah, that's right. It cost $10.13 to ship this to me, but I bought it for $7.98. It costs money to sell these. Yikes.

Here is the damage I've done so far re: Junk Sets.

1991 Score, 1991 Donruss, 1991 Fleer, 1987 Topps, 1991 Upper Deck, 1992 Donruss, 1991 Topps/Topps Traded.

Anyone have a thousand 9-pocket pages they want to send me for free? Anyone? Bueller?

Go Reds.

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