Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oddball Show Shenanigans

Here's a big ol' handful of nonsense from this past weekend's card show.

2001 Grandstand Dayton Dragons team issue. It's apparently a 30 card release, of which I dug 27 out of some nickel boxes. A few major leaguers in the set: Stephen Smitherman (1 season, 21 games), Ryan Snare (1 game), Josh Hall (1 season, 6 games), Dustin Moseley (7 seasons, 101 games), Randy Ruiz (3 seasons, 68 games), Donnie Scott (4 seasons, 173 games). I'm missing Wily Mo Pena, certainly the biggest name in the set.

These are from the 1993 Kahn's set. I thought I had all of em, but thumbing through the box, I realized I had never seen that particular Schottzie/Marge Schott card. So I panicked and bought all 20 from the set he had (again, for a nickel apiece). Turns out, I was missing 4. No longer. Sweet.

1991 Collect-A-Books Jose Rijo
1988 Broder Chris Sabo
1989 Star Joe Turek
19?? Broder Chris Sabo
1987 Kraft Home Plate Heroes Eric Davis
1989 Panini Stickers Bo Diaz

1993 Stadium Club Toys R Us Tim Costo
1993 Stadium Club Toys R Us Willie Grene
1987 Toys R Us Kal Daniels
2000 Starting Lineup Scott Williamson
2000 MLB Showdown 1st Edition Brett Tomko
2002 MLB Showdown Sean Casey
2008 Playoff Contenders Brandon Waring
1996 Topps Bazooka Ron Gant
1992 Topps Magazine Reggie Sanders.

High quality silliness.

A handful of playing cards from various years. Some are from MLB sets, some are from Reds-only sets. All will be gladly placed in my oddities binder.

2015 Allen & Ginter Box Topper Joey Votto. Two bucks. These used to be more expensive, but now that there've been ten years worth of em, the market is diluted I suppose. Fine by me.

Go Reds.


  1. I need to find a Schottzie card.

  2. There haven't been so many oddballs in one place since my last family reunion; nice haul!