Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nacho Swag

After ravaging the Nachos Grande contest the way the Reds' management is about to ravage the roster, Chris was nice enough to send some of his spare Reds my way. In addition, he has a buddy who churns out some very high quality custom minis. A big ol' pile of 2008 Allen & Ginter mock-ups were peppered throughout the Reds stack.

Gracious. This is high quality silliness right here. Obviously I'm going to put these on eBay as a 'starter set' with a Buy It Now of $499.99. Or, more likely, I'll spread the love and distribute these throughout the card-trader world, as intended. But not those sweet, sweet Reds. Them's mine.

And of course, the pile of Reds took care of a few set needs. Particularly 2015 Archives. Only missing the SP, which I'll never own. Stupid SP's.

Thanks for the contest, Nachos. Go Reds.

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