Friday, July 24, 2015

The Non-Topps Non-Bowman Reds Vintage Tournament Kicks Off

It's been a long while since I've done a needlessly complicated tournament. I did a Ridiculous Tournament that was 512 cards strong and an Ugly Tournament that was 128 cards of unbridled terror. I think those were the numbers. I've blocked it all out. Too much stimulus.

For this one, I'm focusing on finding the best vintage cards from my collection that were not put out by the Topps/Bowman machine. I realize Bowman wasn't under the Topps umbrella back in the day, but they were still number two, even though they only put out 8 years of cards.

I checked my inventory and I have 54 different sets represented. I took one good card from each set (for most, I only had one) and you and I will put em through hell. Here be the rules:


1) No Topps. No Bowman. I realize a lot of these were probably produced by Topps in some capacity and I just don't realize it. Such is life.
2) One card per set per year may enter. Card must be of a Red (duh).
3) There will be 6 seeding rounds, each with 9 random cards. You vote for your favorite 5. These results will be used to seed the cards into a bracket.
4) All cards will be seeded into a double-elimination bracket.
5) We will all revel in our stupid little hobby and wonder why someone would do heroin when he could collect cards instead.

Let's ride.

1952 Red Man #NL3 Ewell Blackwell

1934 Diamond Match Books #1 Earl Adams

1960 Fleer #43 Paul Derringer

1954-56 Exhibits #152 Ted Kluszewski

1976 Linnett Superstars #99 Cesar Geronimo

1972 Kellogg's #37 Lee May

1934 Batter Up #54 Si Johnson

1971 Fleer Laughlin World Series #38 Reds-Tigers 1940

1960 Kahn's #3 Gus Bell

Vote for your favorite 5. Poll Closes Thurday at noon eastern. Go Reds.


  1. I love oddballs. I love vintage. This is a tourney I can get behind!

    1. I mean, what kind of monster doesn't like vintage oddballs?

  2. The only thing that I don't like about this is having to wait a week to vote for the next batch. I hope you've got a 1963 Fleer in the brackets, because that's getting my vote.

    1. '63 Fleer will indeed be represented. In fact, I had to choose from more than one to rep the set.

  3. You had some tough picks in this round. Didn't vote for the Kahns waiting for the colored versions

    1. yeah, i wish i had more of those. i never like the prices.