Monday, July 6, 2015

New Stupid Project! Reds Not Reds

Why start a new collecting project? Like I need to explain myself to any of you. I'm on the fence between calling this my 'Reds Not Reds' album or my 'Ew I Can't Look' album. What is the premise, you ask? Any time I see a Red in a different uniform (Tony Perez as an Expo, anyone?) it makes me uncomfortable. So I've decided to embrace the unease and make an entire album of discomfort!

The Goal: One card of every single player who has suited up for the Reds (impossible).

The Realistic Goal: Oh, I don't know, let's say half of em. About 950. Ok, make it an even thousand.

The Rules: No Reds uniform and no Reds team mention on the front.

I dug through what's left of my junk pile and have a nice 95-card start. I put in a fifteen dollar JustCommons order yesterday for 127 more, because I couldn't help myself. Below are the scans of what I found in the  pile. It's hideous. I love it.

Go Reds.


  1. As someone trying to collect one card of each player who has played for their favorite franchise, I wish you luck!

    1. Thanks. It's tough when our teams' histories go back so many years.

  2. I have a similar pile of ex Redsox. I didn't know half those guys even played for the Reds