Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some Reds-Not-Reds Show Loot

I'm very happy about my Reds-not-Reds project (one card each of as many Reds as possible featured on a different team). With the vintage haul from yesterday and the JustCommons order, we're starting to take shape. Here's a smattering of em, including my favorite Red-not-Red.

Dante Bichette is a nice surprise. Played 125 games in 2000 before moving to the Red Sox.

Sean Casey in another jersey upsets me.

Leo Durocher. Hall of Fame manager. Three years and change playing for the Reds.

I haven't seen a single Harvey Haddix card that isn't interesting.

Here's my favorite Red-not-Red. Christy Mathewson. Here are his lifetime stats, broken down by team:

New York Giants: 373-188 record. 636 games and 552 starts from 1900-1916. 2504 strikeouts in 4779.2 innings.

Cincinnati Reds: 1-0 record. 1 game, played in 1916. 3 strikeouts in 9 innings pitched, giving up 8 runs.

He was a player/manager for the Reds, by the way.

I've got tons upon tons of show stuff I'll be sprinkling over the next few days. Go Reds.


  1. Nice start. Did I read that right- he gave up 8 runs and WON the game? That is amazing.

    By the way, I hear you have some new guys heading to the Reds, take care of Brandon Finnegan, I'll miss him. I was also very high on Cody Reed too. I'm not as high on Jake Lamb, but unlike other Royals fans, I'm not as big of a fan of this trade as they are. I hope it works out well for both teams.

    1. Yup. Won 9-8. And considering there's a 0% chance Cueto was gonna re-sign, ANYTHING would have worked well for us. Since all of our "prospects" are currently over-promoted and stinking up the majors, I'm glad to get some warm bodies.

  2. I'm likin these posts. A lot of names I forgot keep popping up

    1. Yeah. It's a joy digging through vintage and trying to remember all the old Reds guys. I haven't had an excuse to check out discount vintage boxes in ages.