Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

First up, be sure to vote in my latest stupid tournament. Description and first block of cards here.
Now, why am I so excited? I just got back from my first card show in a long, long time. And boy howdy were the dime boxes overflowing.

Yeesh. Definitely going to be neglecting the missus tonight. Too busy sorting and cataloging, babe. The stack on the left is about 400 cards strong. Some NICKEL boxes that couldv'e been dime boxes and some dime boxes that could've been quarter boxes populated the pile. Next to it is about 150 Bengals for my freshly started one-of-every-Bengal project. Next to that is 71 for my Reds-not-Reds project, all from 1957-1972, all for a quarter each. Noice. And as a bonus, I come home to a JustCommons package in the mail with 151 Reds-not-Reds cards (the pile on the right). The only thing more than a quarter was that sweet Votto box topper for two bucks. Geez. Gonna be a good night, kids.

Go Reds.


  1. Nice haul! What show was it? I sure do miss all the great shows I was able to hit when I was living in Ohio.

    1. Quarterly 100-table show. It used to be at the Veteran's Memorial downtown, but it got moved to Hilliard. I'm sure the show itself has a name, though it escapes me right now.

  2. Great haul of cards. And two cards for a dime - sign me up!