Friday, July 3, 2015

JustCommons 2015's Aww Yeah - Part 2/3

Part 1 Here
Gots some 2015 Topps Pro Debut, 2015 Topps, and 2015 Topps Gold for your eyeballs today.

The AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Michael Lorenzen has been pitching fairly well for the big league squad after an emergency call-up a year early (3.38 ERA in 10 starts).

The Rookie League Billings Mustangs. I hear good things about both these guys, but who knows, really.

The Single-A Dayton Dragons. I really need to road trip to Dayton and check out my Dragons. I've gone to a dozen Columbus Clippers games this year, since they're 10 minutes from my door, but I have no loyalty to the Indians.

Standard Topps stuff, here. The Bruce is sweet. I got spoiled with the 2015 Stadium Club cards and now I get no real joy from these. Other than there are my first Reds cards of Pena, Boesch, Bourgeois, and Schumaker

Now the golds I can get excited about. So shiny. And thanks to parallel madness, no one really cares about a #'d/2015 card anymore. So I get em.

Part 3 tomorrow, kiddies.

Go Reds.


  1. Did boesch switch numbers before he was sent to aaa? He is wearing 26 in the topps card, wear he was #27 when he was in the reds.

    1. He wore 26 with the Tigers in 2012, so this is probably a photoshop done before he actually suited up for the Reds and the artist just assumed 26.