Friday, July 31, 2015

Screw Your National Show. I'm Still Posting Cards From My Local Show

Go vote in Group 2, kids. Do it.
First up are these Looney Tunes cards I should've posted the other day in the oddball post.
Upper Deck Comic Ball. Two Griffey Seniors (with Jim Abbot and some other guy) and a Dave Martinez. Sure.

Speaking of that other guy, found a bunch of set needs featuring The Kid and a few inserts. For those two Leaf cards, one has 'Passing Through Time' written on it. The back of the card is a reprint of his '93 Leaf card. Not a parallel. Each are part of the base set. Interesting filler stuff, right there.

Two more. The UD Play Ball is a 1941 style parallel. There are more faces on the back of the checklist, but I forget who they are.

Ok, you eagle-eyed readers can surely spot the Griffey on these cards. I'm going to need a ruling. Are these actual Griffeys that count toward the collection, or no? I wagered 40 total cents on these that the answer will be 'yes'. On another not, boy that's a lot of steroids to share a card with.

Handful of Larkins to add to collection. I've now crossed the 700 mark. Sweet. That Pacific is a blue parallel that doesn't quite read on the scan. Hey look, More Griffey.

A pile of fresh Dunns. Mmmmm. The Topps Gallery is a thick and shiny Artist Proof parallel. And my goodness. More Griffey cameos. The man is everywhere.

Still more Donkeys. Good stuff.

Hope all you wealthy bastards are whoopin it up at the National. Go Reds.


  1. I'm still on the fence about those Superstar Summit cards being Griffeys. Part of me says it's a cop out, and part says "Eh, close enough." And yet another part says "This fence is uncomfortable. How about we find a chair?"

    1. It's the same problem with those 'Griffey Says' Goudey releases. If they're bouncing around dime boxes, yeah I'll grab em. But I will spend zero effort hunting them down.

    2. Exactly. I'm not about to try and build a whole base set plus parallels because the guy is on the bottom of every card. At least not yet.

  2. I say go for it. In the end, though, it's your collection, so whatever you decide on is the right choice.

  3. That Looney Toons set is one of the most bizarre releases ever from a mainstream company. I bet they would have done much better if they came out post-Space Jam

    1. Yeah. It doesn't seem like a lot of care or creativity was employed.