Saturday, November 2, 2013

Completely Red: 1987 Vermont Reds ProCards

Changing it up a little for this series, we're looking at a 1987 ProCards release of the Reds' AA affiliate in Vermont, a 4th place finish Eastern League team.

The feel of these cards can best be described as "Middle-School Faculty Newsletter Photos." But I like having cards of minor leaguers who struggled to make the bigs, and even those who fell short. There's no shortage of minor leaguers in modern Topps and Bowman, but back in the 80's, ProCards was where it was at for scrubs.

Glimmering white border. Spring foliage in the background. Stiff, awkward poses. Trainers. This set has it all, man. Let's check the stats.


Cards - 26

Players Who Made the Majors -  (Marty Brown, Mike Smith, Joe Oliver, Chris Jones)

Coaches Who Made the Majors - (Tom Runnels as a player, Dave Miley as a manager)

Clubhouse Managers - 1 (Marvin Haynes)

Trainers - 1 (Rod Lich)

Minutes Taken to Get Entire Run of Photos - 2


1 Brad Brusky
2 Jim Jefferson
3 Ted Langdon
4 Francisco Tenacen
5 Marty Brown
6 Greg Simpson
7 Ramon Sambo
8 Tim Mirabito
9 Rob Lopez
10 Joe Dunlap
11 Tom Deitz
12 Mike Smith
13 Angelo Nunley
14 Steve Oliverio
15 John Bryant
16 Tom Runnels
17 Dave Miley
18 Glenn Spagnola
19 Joe Oliver
20 Mark Germann
21 Greg Monita
22 Chris Jones
23 (does not exist)
24 Mark Berry
25 Darren Riley
26 Marvin Haynes
27 Rod Lich

Go Reds.

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