Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Round 2/Group 9 Is Up. How 'bout You Go Vote, Nerds

The shuffle of the Round 1 winners produced this group loaded with some excellent vintage. Aside from the obvious choice, it'll be a little rough on you vintage-heads to narrow the group down. This is good.

Vote for your favorite 4. Voting closes Saturday at noon eastern. Go Reds.

Card #1 - 1970 Topps Tony Perez

Card #2 - 1964 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Card

Card #3 - 1968 Topps Johnny Bench/Ron Tompkins

Card #4 - 1960 Topps Sophomore Stalwarts Jim O'Toole/Vada Pinson

Card #5 - 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Johnny Vander Meer

Card #6 - 1955 Bowman Rocky Bridges

Card #7 - 1965 Topps Tony Perez

Card #8 - 1950 Bowman Bob Scheffing


  1. Added you to my blogroll. I can use your Angels Josh Hamilton Archives, and Rangers Mike Napoli Heritage. Lets trade.

    1. I haven't updated that page in forever. I've already sent out most of em, including those two. Sorry man.