Friday, November 22, 2013

Showtime: Part 1/3 - Vintage Goodness

I went to the quarterly Vet Show in Columbus two weeks ago, and these scans have been collecting dust on my C drive. Mayhaps its time to get them up, eh?

This show is always packed with vintage. There are a dozen regular dealers who bring Ruths and Cobbs who seem to be merely showing off, as I rarely see substantial purchases. Though I suppose it only takes a few per day to make some money. Then there are the smaller vintage guys who have piles of rejected 50's, 60's, and 70's cards that are nicely damaged. This here is my wheelhouse. So these will lead off the three-parter of posts.

Then, of course, are the dime-box guys. A mix of people who know exactly what they have and have designed their dime-boxes to be utter garbage, along with some rotating new guys who bought in bulk and truly don't know, or even care, what they're sitting on. These will be saved for Part 2.

Also, are the guys that are regulars, but are monstrously over-pricing their stuff and it baffles me that they can survive. Books of Bowman base set cards for 75 cents? Are there actually people paying this? In 90's parlance, I say, whatever, dude. 

As always, with persistence, I came out with some excellent Reds goodness. Let's ride.

Leading off strong, a 1960 Topps Frank Robinson. Five bucks. That'll do nicely. Get rid of the multicolored name and the '60 set is a great one. I particularly enjoy the Mr. Redleg appearances from way back when.

Speaking of Frank, how about we team him up with 4 other Hall of Famers, cut their heads off (poorly), and pile the disembodied heads on a single card? Done! Floating heads aside, 5 Hall of Famers on a single card is pretty sweet. I was missing all three 1963 leaders cards with a Red. Now I'm missing two.

1962 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Card. Team cards are always tough. I usually feel like I'm weird for liking these, but based on the sale price of most of em, I'm clearly not alone.

Here's a tough card. Jim Maloney short print rookie. This isn't a super high number from the '61 set, but it's still listed as an SP, for reasons I'm too lazy to research. Combine with the fact that it's an RC of a multiple no-hitter throwing Reds Hall of Famer, and it's understandably tough to find. Thus, I do not care a lick about the surface tears and fading.

Yes, that Billy Martin. Played one year for the Reds. His popularity and eclectic managerial career have shot his card values up. This 1960 Topps is my second Martin in a Reds uniform, joining a 1961 Post.

1963 Topps Wally Post. Another Reds Hall of Famer. Sweet.

Two high-number rookie cards. The 1959 Mike Cuellar finished the team set and the 1964 Jim Dickson/Bobby Klaus puts me one away (needing the Pete Rose All Star Rookie).

Ahem. MIIIIIIINNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I think I did that right. 1975 Topps Mini '72 MVP's Rich Allen/Johnny Bench.

1957 Topps Johnny Klippstein. Topps' vintage pitcher pose. Check.

1955 Topps Bud Podbielan. Excellent.

1953 Bowman Color Harry Perkowski. My third from this set. One of the early 'premium' sets, these were scoffed at by young buyers for having the audacity of pricing packs too high. O how times doth change.

And we'll close out today with a 1952 Topps Harry Perkowski. Other than the centering, this is in very nice condition. Love the '52s.

Modern serials and parallels are on deck for tomorrow. Be sure to vote in The Ridiculous Card Tournament. Go Reds.


  1. I'd take a '60 Frank Robinson for five bucks all day long. That '63 Wally Post is a beauty as well. Nice finds!

    Looking forward to seeing what the dime boxes had in store.

    1. indeed. its a little more beat up than the scan suggests, but not much.

  2. Man, that '60 Robbie for just five bucks is FRESH!

    1. agreed. it went right on the display shelf.

  3. The Vets show is really good...i missed the Nov show but made it to the one before that..... I liked the guy that had a whole bunch of vintage at 10% of book price.....knocked off almost all of my 1960 SPs with him. I am hoping i can make it to the next show at vets

    1. i missed the one before, sadly. and yeah, that 10% was responsible for most of these. more people need to stock busted-up vintage.