Sunday, November 24, 2013

Showtime: Part 3/3 - The Rest

Alright, alright, alright. Part 1 we saw a vintage haul. Part 2 we saw cards too good for the dime box from which they pulled. Today, we're focusing on, well, the rest. Some stuff that was definitely dime box material plus some stuff that maybe is slightly too good, but still standard dime box bulk stuff. An eclectic mix to close out the latest card show bonanza. Let's do it to it.

Hard to start stronger than a couple fresh Griffeys. Randy Johnson looks particularly excited to be paired with Junior on the card. We've got a 2000-something Upper Deck Highlights insert and a 2000-something SP Authentic Marquee Matchups insert. Sweet.

Jay Bruce Turkey Red. Mike Leake 2010 Ginter RC short print (an excellent dime find). Adam Dunn 2000-something Topps Own the Game insert

More Adam Dunn goodness. The Diamond King is the one from the 2005 base set, not from the DK-only sets. The Skybox LE is yet another goofy die cut. I noticed I was within one or two of completing all the Studio sets except for 2002, of which I had zero. Now I know why. They're the sweet credit card style cards that remind us all of the sweet 1995 Studio set. So I suppose no one wanted to get rid of em. Well I have one now. Boom.

Now here's some legit dime box stuff. 1982 TCMA Sluggers and Pitchers Robinson, Klu, and Rixey. Pretty cheap card stock, even for the 80's. But I'd never seen any before, so I enjoyed the find.

Wilkin Castillo UD Rookie Debut insert, Deion UD CC Big Shots insert, Dunn UD 40 Man base. The UD Playball Dunn and Morgan, apparently, are both variations in which the text on the back is brown instead of blue. Or green. Or something. I forget. Adds some 'value' though.

Six more Adam Dunns. Was a very good day for the Dunn collection. I'm nearing 400 unique cards. Second only to Barry Larkin.

Some Elite Extra Edition goodies. I didn't have any from either 2007 or 2012 so it was nice to pull these. Hopefully Travieso turns into something.

My favorite card of this bunch has gotta be the Jose Rijo SI for Kids. Dude has about a thousand from this set. Rijo was the second card in the pile. So of course I looked through every single one to nary find another Red. Such is life. The Joe Morgan is from the 2012 Topps Archives Reprint insert set.

This was not a dime find. I dropped a whopping FIFTY cents for this 1961 Fleer Jim Bottomley. Hall of Famer. 1928 MVP. Played mostly for St. Louis but slipped in three years for Cincinnati starting in 1933. Most excellent.

These I had seen plenty online, but never wanted to shell out 2 bucks for em. Found these for 50 cents apiece, so I clearly had to. Their from a 66-card 1970 Fleer set with artwork by Robert Laughlin, highlighting the 66 World Series matchups that had been played at the time. The Reds won both of these Series, by the way.

Well alrighty. An excellent show. Don't forget to vote in the Tournament in the sidebar. Go Reds.


  1. I really like those '80s TCMA cards. I just wish they popped up a little more often.

  2. That Dunn Blue Chips is cool, but the Bottomley is my fav. There's a Conlon card with Griffey and Bottomley on the same card. Not Reds-era Griffey, but still.