Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just Loot - Part 2/2: The Lesser, But Still Good, Stuff

Wassup, kiddies? First up, have a quick vote for your favorite Round 2/Group 9 candidates in the Ridiculous Card Tournament.

Next, check out Part 1 of the latest JustCommons loot.

And now, on with the rest of the goodies. While not as high quality as Part 1, the whole point of JustCommons is, well, the commons. So I still classify all this stuff as good. Any new red cardboard is good, matter of fact.

Some Topps Big from 1989 and 1990. I'm pretty glad these got added to the site because now I've completed the entire run of Topps Big. Not exactly a huge feat, as there are only 36 Reds in the three years these existed, but hey. One less thing to worry about. Let's face it. Like 1989 Bowman, these were just oversized enough to be terribly annoying and begging for a trip to the dumpster, making them slightly difficult to find lately. No more worries for Red Cardboard.

Ok, so these aren't technically Reds cards, but I decided to count them. They're from the 1991 Pacific Senior League set. This league lasted for two years in the winters of 1989 and 1990, and you had to be at least in your mid-thirties to play. It folded before it finished its second season. I briefly perused the checklist and grabbed everyone I recognized as a former Red. At a dime apiece, why not? Unfortunately, I gathered no members of the Orlando Juice.

These are a little more recognizable. Finished off the 2013 Bowman Chrome base set and picked up the two prospect cards from the 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospects set. Guillon already had a release in the earlier Draft set, which is strange.

Speaking of prospects, here's the entire set of Reds from 2013 Topps Heritage Minors. I don't know how these decisions are made, but we have one card each from the Rookie League, AA, and AAA, and a whopping four from the single-A. Sure.

A couple who actually made a big league game this year. Cingrani and Lutz RC's from 2013 Topps Chrome, finishing the team set.

Ran quickly through the 2013 Panini USA checklist and noticed two Griffeys and a Frank Robinson. Sure, I'll grab 'em. Opened the package and saw the same Griffey twice. Thought, well crap, I was shipped a double. Turned em over...

...and what the? Exactly the same front. Exactly the same back EXCEPT for the number. Garbage. Someone is gonna need to explain this one to me.

Here's an early foray of Topps and a post-season rookie set. These three I was missing from 1992 Topps Major League Debut. No more.

2013 Bowman Silver Ice Homer Bailey. Sweet.

And finally, four from 2013 Panini Cooperstown. Edd Roush was included as well, but I already had it. Tony Perez looks like he may have been on a non-performance-enhancing substance or two.

Go Reds.

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