Monday, November 4, 2013

Just Loot - Part 1/2: The Good Stuff

Yet another foray into the JustCommons inventory. Yet another excellent pile of Reds goodness worthy of two posts. The 'better' stuff today, the eclectic commons later on. Shall we?

2013 Finest Votto, Chapman, Cueto. Finest is always good, but not great. This year is no exception. The refractors look a lot better with this design, but they're too expensive. I look forward to finding some in a quarter box in 2017. The only Red I didn't pick up from the base set is Tony Cingrani RC.

Now these refractors I can afford. 2013 Topps Chrome Choo, Frazier, Latos, Phillips, Chapman. Looking good.

Oh, and a Cueto Xfractor. Sure, why not.

Speaking of refraction, gotta go back a decade to remember these. 2002 Topps Traded Refractor Ryan Mottl and 2002 Topps Gold Refractor Jason Larue. The Gold Refractor looks pretty nice in person. Not as yellow as the scan. I'd say 98% of my refractor collection is from 2005 onward, so I think I can classify these as 'vintage refractors'. I suppose at some point that will be a real phrase.

2013 Topps Chasing History Relics Brandon Phillips. Unlike most people, it seems, I like the Chasing History subset(s). Also, I haven't picked up a Relic in months, so I felt like rekindling my lost love affair with this one and the next.

2013 Allen & Ginter's Framed Relic Jay Bruce. Design is OK. I don't quite understand the loose-mini-in-a-frame thing that so much of you seem to love. But I had no Bruce relics and decided this needed fixing.

Well there we go. Much more goodies next post. Go Reds.

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