Friday, November 8, 2013

Completely Red: 1981 Fleer

Ah yes. Fleer's first attempt at a card set. The Topps monopoly had finally been thwarted and these were clearly rushed. Miscuts. Errors. Blurry photos. This set had it all. And yet, I like it. Probably because it's nice seeing anything non-Topps for the first time in a long time. Or maybe because this team set is loaded with great players. Or maybe its the curious second card of George Foster simply labeled "Slugger". No matter. I deem this a likeable set. Let's check the stats:


Cards - 26

RC's - 4 (Liebrandt, Price, Nolan, Burnside)

All Stars - 9 (Bench, Concepcion, Knight, Griffey, Seaver, Foster x2, Hume, Soto)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Bench, Seaver)

Action vs. Non-Action Shots - 8 vs. 17

Cards Featuring Empty Stands - 2

Spectacles - 2 Pair


196 Johnny Bench
197 Dave Concepcion
198 Ray Knight
199 Ken Griffey
200 Tom Seaver
201 Dave Collins
202 George Foster
203 Junior Kennedy
204 Frank Pastore
205 Dan Driessen
206 Hector Cruz
207 Paul Moskau
208 Charlie Leibrandt RC
209 Harry Spilman
210 Joe Price
211 Tom Hume
212 Joe Nolan
213 Doug Bair
214 Mario Soto
215 Bill Bonham
216 George Foster
217 Paul Householder
218 Ron Oester
219 Sam Mejias
220 Sheldon Burnside 
644 CL: Reds/Orioles 

Go Reds.


  1. Those early, blurry Fleer sets are hard to deal with.

  2. I like 81 Fleer. Simple design. They were trying to be better than Topps. Maybe overall they weren't, but at least they made Topps try harder I think.

  3. I think they slowly realized there's a difference between a 'photographer' and 'some dude with a camera'.