Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Completely Red: 1991 Fleer

Why? Because '91 Fleer is amazing, that's why. The bright yellow jumps off the page. Every time you sift through a pile of junk wax, these make you stop. Don't even pretend they don't. The bright yellow frame highlights some pretty nice action shots, by the way. The Mariano Duncan is friggin' sweet. Ron Oester and Rob Dibble are strong as well. 

Plus, Cincinnati was freshly off of a World Series domination of the A's, so I can't help but love any set featuring a bunch of Reds from that roster.

Let's look at the stats.


Cards - 33

RC's - 3 (Terry Lee, Freddie Benavides, Mo Sanford)

All Stars - 12 (Armstrong, Browning, Charlton, Davis, Dibble, Duncan, Jackson, Larkin x2, Myers, O'Neill, Sabo)

World Series MVP's - 1 (Jose Rijo)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Barry Larkin x2)

Action vs. Posed Shots - 25 vs. 7

Yellow - Not Enough


55 Jack Armstrong
56 Todd Benzinger
57 Glenn Braggs
58 Keith Brown
59 Tom Browning
60 Norm Charlton
61 Eric Davis
62 Rob Dibble
63 Bill Doran
64 Mariano Duncan
65 Chris Hammond
66 Billy Hatcher
67 Danny Jackson
68 Barry Larkin
69 Tim Layana
70 Terry Lee RC
71 Rick Mahler
72 Hal Morris
73 Randy Myers
74 Ron Oester
75 Joe Oliver
76 Paul O'Neil
77 Luis Quinones
78 Jeff Reed
79 Jose Rijo
80 Chris Sabo
81 Scott Scudder
82 Herm Winningham
711 Bobby Bonilla/Barry Larkin TL
714 Checklist A's/Pirates/Reds/Red Sox
84U Freddie Benavides
85U Ted Power
86U Mo Sanford

Go Reds.


  1. There was also a group of white bordered cards that showed highlights from the '90 World Series. Think it was a factory set.

    1. Yeah, i have 3 of em. Any time i see any i need for sale, theyre 50 or 75 cents each, which i wont spend on principle

  2. That Mariano is in my "great photos" collection.

    1. it made it to round 2 of my stupid tournament before getting shown the door. sweet card.