Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Round 2/Group10 Results

We're gettin close, kiddies. Cards 36-40 are now locked into the 64-card bracket. And in an unprecedented turn, no less than three modern cards made it through this group. Sweet.

Winning the group is the excellent 2001 Stadium Club Larkin. Close behind were the 1969 Topps All Star Bench and one of my favorite cards the 1991 Score Reds' October. Just sneaking in at the eleventh hour is the 1987 Topps Parker. Apologies to Ryan Freel. 

Group 11 will be up later today. Go Reds.


  1. That Ozzie/Sabo card is going to go far....

    1. Like that second-rate shortstop could hold a candle to Mr. Larkin. Phooey and pshaw.

      I got your package today. Many thanks. A post, as well as an envelope of griffeys, are forthcoming.