Monday, December 30, 2013

Completely Red: 1976 Topps

Today let's check out the first Topps release after the Big Red Machine's 1975 World Series triumph over the Red Sox. The '76 Topps set is pretty simple. Multi-colored stripe with the name/team/position and a miniature avatar of the player's position (or an All Star star, if warranted). Clean and crisp. Left ample room for a photo. The set had a mix of posed, candid, and action shots, mostly the former two. The few action shots are pretty great. Note the Concepcion and an all-time great Topps card of Johnny Bench. The Reds set is obviously loaded with stars since this team, coming off the '75 World Series win, would win another in '76, sweeping the Yankees. This is arguably the best offensive roster in the history of baseball (apologies to the '27 Yankees). One more note: That is not a Ron Guidry rookie card toward the end. It's a Pat Zachry rookie card. Let's check the stats.


Cards - (36)

RC's - 3 (Doug Flynn, Santo Alcala, Pat Zachry)

All Stars - 15 (Dave Concepcion, Gus Bell, Ken Griffey, Jack Billingham, George Foster, Clay Carroll, Johnny Bench x2, Tony Perez x2, Joe Morgan x2, Pete Rose, Gary Nolan, Pat Zachry)

Hall of Famers - 6 (Johnny Bench x2, Tony Perez x2, Joe Morgan x2)

Reds Hall of Famers - 17 (Gus Bell, Clay Carroll, Gary Nolan, Jack Billingham, Johnny Bench x2, Joe Morgan x2, Tony Perez x2, Dave Concepcion, Don Gullett, George Foster, Ken Griffey, Cesar Geronimo, Pedro Borbon, Dan Driessen)

Sweet Shades - 2 (Pete Rose, Bill Plummer)

Catchers Emerging from a Cloud of Dust - 1 (Johnny Bench)


24 Cesar Geronimo
48 Dave Concepcion 
66 Gus Bell & Buddy Bell
77 Pedro Borbon
104 Sparky Anderson
128 Ken Griffey
155 Jack Billingham
179 George Foster 
195 NL RBI Leaders 
197 NL Stolen Base Leaders 
211 Clay Carroll
240 Pete Rose
259 Darrel Chaney
283 Merv Rettenmund
300 Johnny Bench
325 Tony Perez
362 Will McEnaney
390 Don Gullett
420 Joe Morgan
444 Gary Nolan 
461 NL & AL Championship
462 1975 World Series
469 Rawly Eastwick
491 Terry Crowley
514 Dan Driessen
518 Doug Flynn
538 Pat Darcy
561 Tom Carroll
579 Clay Kirby
589 Rookie Pitchers
599 Rookie Pitchers 
609 Fred Norman
627 Bill Plummer
652 Ed Armbrister 

Go Reds.

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