Monday, December 9, 2013

Vote in the Ridiculous Finals Bracket! Oh yes.

It's finally here. All you nerds who've stumbled into this corner of the card collecting blog-o-verse have been diligently and graciously voting for Red after Red over the past few months to create The Red Cardboard Ridiculous Card Tournament Finals Bracket. The best 64 cards from my first 18 months back in the collecting game. 10,000+ parsed to 512, then 128, and now 64. We're ditching the group-voting format for head-to-head. I'm quite pumped.

As mentioned before, I seeded the cards 1 to 64 based mostly on how the voting has gone the first two rounds, with some minor shuffling and a dash of personal preference. Hopefully the number next to the name doesn't influence your choice. Just vote based on your favorite. I'll use the seed as a tie-breaker.

For our first cluster of voting, we'll look at 8 matchups.

Vote in the sidebar. Voting closes Saturday at noon eastern. Go Reds.

(1) 1973 Topps Johnny Bench vs. (64) 1987 Topps Dave Parker

(32) 1974 Topps Dave Concepcion vs. (33) 1959 Topps Dutch Dotterer

(16) 1986 Topps Tony Perez vs. (49) 1992 Bowman Foil Barry Larkin

(17) 1965 Topps Frank Robinson vs. (48) 1994 Upper Deck All Time Heroes Johnny Vander Meer

(8) 1977 Topps Tony Perez vs. (57) 1991 Stadium Club Chris Sabo

(25) 1959 Topps Frank Robinson vs. (40) 1958 Topps Birdie's Young Sluggers

(9) 1976 Topps Johnny Bench vs. (56) 1994 Upper Deck American Epic Pete Rose

(24) 1966 Topps Tony Perez vs. (41) 1957 Topps Joe Nuxhall


  1. I like to try to pick "against the grain" but only had two "upsets", at least according to seeding. I hadn't voted for any Perez cards the entire bracket, but picked him twice today. Bracket is heating up!

    1. Perez was represented big time in the bracket. And I won't consider anything within 25 rankings to be an upset, really.

  2. In the polling you've got the 1987 Dave Parker listed as "1987 Topps Johnny Bench"

    1. well crap. can't change it once votes are in. luckily all you bloggers are good problem solvers and the voting is representative of the expected outcome.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey, I'm glad I have a handful of readers participating. So you're very welcome.