Sunday, December 8, 2013

One and Done: 1962-1964

This is the sixth part of my new running theme, unimaginatively dubbed 'One and Done'. Here, I focus on cards of Reds players who, whether it be their only year in the bigs or their only year with the club, found themselves on the Cincinnati roster for only one season, yet long enough to sneak onto a card donning the Cincinnati red. That was a very convoluted sentence that I am choosing not to edit.

Today we're looking at 1962, 1963, and 1964. Coming off a World Series berth in 1961, the Reds were pressing for National League dominance, though would not return to the postseason until 1970. There were 19 players in these three years to participate in their lone Reds season of which the Red Cardboard binders house 10 of them. Sadly, I'm missing Don Zimmer, who made his Reds appearance in 1962. In constructiong this post, I have a newly found respect for Ryne Duren. Let's do it to it.

Moe Drabowsky. 17 year career for 8 teams. Only MLB player, post-war, to have been born in Poland.
With the Reds: 1962, 83 IP in 10 starts and 13 relief appearances, 56 K's, 4.99 ERA, 2-6 record.

Dave Hillman. 8 year career with 4 teams.
With the Reds: 1962, 3.2 IP in 2 relief appearances, 9.82 ERA.

Ted Wills. 5 year career with 3 teams.
With the Reds: 1962 (yet made a 1965 Topps card), 61 IP in 5 starts and 21 relief appearances, 58 K's, 5.31 ERA, 0-2 record.

Dave Sisler. 7 year career with 4 teams. Son of Hall of Famer George Sisler.
With the Reds: 1962, 43.2 IP in 35 relief appearances, 27 K's, 3.92 ERA, 4-3 record.
Ken Walters. 3 year career with 2 teams.
With the Reds: 1963, 80 PA in 49 games, 1 HR, 7 RBI, .187 BA.

Charlie Neal. 8 year career with 3 teams.
With the RedsL 1963, 70 PA in 34 games, 3 RBI, .156 BA.

Jim Dickson. 4 year career with 3 teams.
With the Reds: 1964, 5 IP in 4 relief appearances, 6 K's, 7.20 ERA, 1-0 record.

Bobby Klaus. 2 year career with 2 teams.
With the Reds: 1964, 100 PA in 40 games, 2 HR, 6 RBI, .183 BA.

Hal Smith. 10 year career with 5 teams.
With the Reds: 1964, 78 PA in 32 games, 3 RBI, .121 BA.

Ryne Duren. 10 year career for 7 teams. 3x All Star. Namesake of Ryne Sandburg. Notoriously poor vision. Inspired the character Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn in the movie Major League. Awesome.
With the Reds: 1964, 43.2 IP in 26 relier appearances, 39 K's, 2.89 ERA, 0-2 record.

Missing from the collection:

Cookie Rojas
Don Zimmer

Harry Bright
Jim Coates
Gene Green
Jim Owens
Daryl Spencer
Sammy Taylor

Chet Nichols

Go Reds.

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