Monday, December 2, 2013

Vote in the Final Group of Round 2!

Oh man. The end is near, kiddies. It's been a long and tedious adventure, but we're ready to welcome the last four cards into the 64-card finals bracket. So ridiculous. I'm oddly excited about figuring out the seeding, but that's only because I'm a crazy person.

As always, vote for your favorite four. Voting closes Friday at noon eastern.

Go Reds.

Card #1 - 1973 Topps Denis Menke

Card #2 - 1956 Topps Gus Bell

Card #3 - 1933 Goudey Earl Adams

Card #4 - 1986 Donruss Pete Rose Record Breaker

Card #5 - 2000 Stadium Club Mike Cameron

Card #6 - 1959 Topps Ed Bailey

Card #7 - 1992 Upper Deck Joe Oliver

Card #8 - 1909 T206 Hans Lobert

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