Monday, December 16, 2013

Completely Red: 1958 Topps

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In competition with 1991 Fleer for "Yellowiest Set of All Time", 1958 Topps is the second-oldest major team set I've completed. Topps kind of whiffed on this one, honestly. 1956 and 1957 were pretty great sets, then came the Yellow Bomb. Just too much yellow. It looks weird. Probably why I've been able to complete the set rather cheaply. The best card is clearly the 2nd year Frank Robinson. Frank makes a nice second appearance in a combo card with Ed Bailey and manager Birdie Tebbetts and a third appearance on an All Star card. The All Star cards at the end of the checklist are sweet, as is the Vada Pinson rookie. Notable is that half of the set (17 of 34) features an All Star. Let's check the stats.


Cards - 34

RC's - 5 (Stan Palys, Bob Henrich, Charlie Rabe, Dutch Dotterer, Vada Pinson)

All Stars - 19 (George Crowe, Smokey Burgess, Joe Nuxhall, Gus Bell, Harvey Haddix, Don Hoak, Johnny Temple x2, Robinson x3, Bob Purkey, Ed Bailey x3, Roy McMillan, Brooks Lawrence, Birdie Tebbetts, Vada Pinson)

Hall of Famers - 3 (Frank Robinson x3)

Reds Hall of Famers - 11 (Gus Bell, Johnny Temple x2, Joe Nuxhall, Bob Purkey, Smokey Burgess, Brooks Lawrence, Vada Pinson, Frank Robinson x3)

Spectacles - 2 pair

Yellow - A little bit


12 George Crowe
27 Bud Freeman
34 Bob Thurman
49 Smoky Burgess
63 Joe Nuxhall
75 Gus Bell
103 Jerry Lynch
118 Harvey Haddix
126 Stan Palys
131 Bob Henrich
149 Tom Acker
157 Dee Fondy
160 Don Hoak
205 Johnny Temple
214 Willard Schmidt
237 Bill Wight
242 Johnny Klippstein
254 Alex Grammas
285 Frank Robinson
294 Hal Jeffcoat
311 Bob Purkey
330 Ed Bailey
346 Steve Bilko
360 Roy McMillan
374 Brooks Lawrence
376 Charley Rabe
386 Birdie's Young Sluggers 
396 Dutch Dotterer
420 Vada Pinson
428 Redlegs Team
466 Pete Whisenant
478 Johnny Temple AS
490 Ed Bailey AS
484 Frank Robinson AS 

Go Reds

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