Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Frankenpages - Page 4

Rolling right along. An entire page of #4's from the ol' doubles pile.

1989 Donruss Chris Sabo DK #4
2012 Topps Museum Collection Green Jay Bruce /199 #4
2014 Panini Golden Age Harry Wright #4
1991 Classic Best Gold Reggie Sanders #BC4
1985 Topps Circle K Frank Robinson #4
2010 Topps RedsFest Brandon Phillips #4
2012 Panini Golden Age Harry Wright #4
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Red Backs Adam Dunn #4
2013 Bowman Cream of the Crop Mini Refractors Daniel Corcino #CC-CR4


  • I need to replace the entire bottom row. There's a repeat that is serving as filler as well as 2 cards that are too small for their slots, which is unacceptable
  • Since that Bruce is a double of a /199, I officially own greater that 1% of all of these. Huzzah.
  • The RedsFest Phillips has both a '4' and a '5/8' as a number on the back. So I'll need that replaced as well.
  • Is that an early 90's minor league parallel? Oh yes. Probably worth, like, a million dollars.
Go Reds.

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