Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Frankenpages - Page 3

A.K.A. Making good use of my doubles

Here's page 3:

2015 Topps Heritage Combo Cards #CC-3
2013 Bowman International Aroldis Chapman #3
1970 Topps Darrel Chaney #3
1988 K-Mart Dream Team Chris Sabo #3
1988 Rite Aid Team MVPs Eric Davis #3
1977 Fritsch One Year Winners Joe Brovia #3
1990 Starline Long John Silver's Eric Davis #3
2000 Fleer Mystique Diamond Dominators Sean Casey #3
2002 Fleer E-X Ken Griffey Jr. #3


  • I bought the mascot card even though I knew I already had one. It still bugs me.
  • Aroldis International is due to poor record keeping and COMC
  • 1970 is from trade stack goodness I'm sure
  • Sabo/Davis/Davis always pops up in large junk lots.
  • I buy quarter Griffeys even though I know I have them
  • The Joe Brovia came in a trade package, but I had one from COMC. Dude played in 21 games in his entire career, all for the Reds in '55. Give him a card!

Go Reds.

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