Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I felt the need to post to my dead blog today, because I hit a serious milestone.

20,000 unique Red cards.

That is too many.

Here's the card that rolled the dials up to 20k:

2003 Topps Gallery #40a Adam Dunn Red Helmet/Sleeves Variation.

I'm glad it was my PC guy. I'm glad it was a short print. I'm glad I have so many Reds cards to flip through. Good stuff all around.

Here's a screenshot of the TCDB page:

A few things:

1) That dollar value is completely meaningless. Half the cards don't have a value listed, including many vintage cards. And the cards that do have a value are submitted by users, so who knows the criteria each person uses while entering values. But we ain't in this for the money, are we, kids?

2) The one basketball card upsets me. It's a promo card of Jack Armstrong from the 1991 Foot Locker Slam Fest, a charity basketball game that they sponsored. So yeah, technically a basketball card, but of a baseball player doing a charity gig. And honestly, it's worth way more than 5 cents. Like 20 cents. Geez.

3) Some Goodwin Champions sets are listed as multi-sport, some aren't. Bothersome.

4) The 12 Non-Sport cards are from the Pacific Eight Men Out set. It features cards with photos from the movie, photos from the original 1919 White (Black) Sox, and photos from the team that beat them in that World Series, which is often overlooked: my Reds. Their first WS title, in fact.

5) Top three individual players: Barry Larkin (887), Adam Dunn (745), Ken Griffey Jr. (579)

6) Top three years: 2002 (815), 2013 (783), 1994 (707)

7) Years that feature only one card in the collection: 1913, 1922, 1935

8) 175 are Dayton Dragons, my favorite minor league Reds affiliate

9) Top three non-Reds teams that sneaked onto a Reds card: Phillies (74), Yankees (58), Braves (58)

10) A paltry 31 are of my favorite player, Corky Miller

11) I technically hit 20,000 a bit ago, as there are a few dozen cards in my collection that don't have entries in the TCDB. But we can overlook that for now.

Onward and Upward.

Go Reds.