Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oh What the Heck, I'm Back... with Super Vintage

Hitting 20,000 Reds cards made me want to start scanning them and posting them here again, along with snide things and general nonsense. In the hiatus I've plucked through thousands of dime boxes, tore up COMC, sneaked some eBay sneakiness, and most importantly, I've finally figured out why in the hell I collect, catalog, organize, re-organize, and re-shuffle all these silly little cards:

It is my zen garden.

So to those of you who hadn't gotten around yet to deleting me from your blogrolls these past 15 months or so, enjoy some sweet vintage pickups.

1935 Goudey 4-in-1 Tony Piet, Adam Comorosky, Jim Bottomley, Sparky Adams.

I've wanted one of these for a long time. So I overpaid. Luckily, I forget how much, so it must not have been too much. I love this card, plus there's some Hall of Fame action, so I declare it was worth it. Quick rundown of the players:

Tony Piet spent 112 games with the Reds over two seasons amid an 8 year career with the Pirates, Reds, White Sox, Tigers from 1931-1938. 717 hits, .277 lifetime average.

Adam Comorosky spent 8 years with the Pirates then two with the Reds 1926-1935. 795 hits, .285 lifetime average.

Jim Bottomley had a HALL OF FAME career with the Cardinals, then spent some time with the Reds and Browns from 1922-1937. 2,313 hits. Lifetime .310 average. NL MVP 1928.

Sparky Adams went Cubs, Pirates, Cardinals, Reds over 13 years, 1922-1934. 1,588 hits, .286 average, MVP votes in 1931


1913 Tom Barker Game WG6 #19 Dick Hoblitzell 

I scanned the back as well, because I like the back. This is from a 100 year old table game. I would love to go back in time and play this game in the dugout of a sandlot. My copy has some pencil marks on it. Good. That means someone was playing the game with it, and was so serious about it, they were taking some notes.

Dick Hoblitzell spent the first 7 years of his career with Cincy and the last 5 with the Red Sox, amassing 1,300 hits and nearly 20 WAR from 1908-1918.

1910-1912 Sweet Caporal Pins Art Fromme

Not a card, but allowable nonetheless. These are very tiny. Like 7/8 of an inch in diameter tiny. So I'm sure I now possess the DNA of some child due to clumsy fingers and the oddly thick stabber on the back.

Art Fromme spent 1906-1915 in the bigs for the Cardinals, Reds, and Giants, winning 80 games with a lifetime 2.90 ERA.

1909-11 The American Tobacco Bob Ewing 

This is one of two versions Bob Ewing has in the set. I am in need of the other. The green, purple, pink, yellow background is heavenly. These ghosts of players seem to be playing ball in another dimension. This is easily one of my favorite cards in my home.

Bob Ewing played for the Reds, Phillies, and Cardinals 1902-1912, racking up 124 wins with a lifetime 2.49 ERA.

Go Reds.

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