Thursday, November 20, 2014

Top Ten Week - Day 5

This entire week will be devoted to various Top Ten lists culled from the ol' card stacks. Because why not. These are mostly based on favoritism as opposed to 'best'. My favorites are based on my own eclectic, fanciful whims. Yeah that's right. I have whims. And they're fanciful. Wanna fight about it?
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Today, modern autos. Some official. Some IP. All good.

10. Adam Dunn
Dunn is my boy, so I was excited to get this in the mail. But it's shitty ball-point pen, so I've no choice but to relegate it to the ten-spot.

9. Pokey Reese

8. Sean Casey
The Mayor of Cincinnati. Not really. It's just a nickname. But he should be.

7. Devin Mesoraco
This was my first official auto card, purchased before Mesoraco was anybody. It was a buck, and that surprised me. Now that Meso is killing it, the ROI is huge! And that's all that matters!

6. Corky Miller

5. Josh Hamilton
These UD Masterpieces are so good. And Hamilton is very good with TTM, considering the piles and piles he surely gets.

4. Johnny Cueto
This was a gift from Night Owl. Night Owl is alright.

3. George Foster
This card is pretty. Those sideburns are prettier.

2. Chris Sabo

1. The Toddfather
This has rocketed up my list of favorite cards. It's appeal will fade over time, but I'm still jacked up about the TTM return. So congrats, Frazier. Add the top of one my stupid lists to your career highlights.

Go Reds.

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