Sunday, November 16, 2014

Top Ten Week - Day 1

This entire week will be devoted to various Top Ten lists culled from the ol' card stacks. Because why not. These are mostly based on favoritism as opposed to 'best'. My favorites are based on my own eclectic, fanciful whims. Yeah that's right. I have whims. And they're fanciful. Wanna fight about it?

Today we'll do the top ten vintage autos. That is to say, an autograph on a vintage card, not an autograph of a vintage player.

10. 1954 Bowman Harry Perkowski
I threw this one into the ten-spot because it's my oldest auto. And Perkowski is the man.

9. 1966 Topps Jim O'Toole
Reds Hall of Fame, class of '70. Pitcher pose perfectly executed.

8. 1966 Topps Bill McCool
I mean, his name is McCool. Totally boss.

7. 1962 Topps Chico Cardenas.
Reds Hall of Famer, class of '81. 5x All Star. Sweet.

6. 1966 Topps Johnny Edwards
Ohio State Alum. Many degrees were had by yours truly at this fine institution. Go Bucks.

5. 1955 Bowman Jim Greengrass
Old Bowman. Awesome.

4. 1955 Topps Rudy Minarcin
Old Topps. Also awesome.

3. 1974 Topps Don Gullett
Another Reds Hall of Famer, class of '02. Big Red Machine lovin' as well.

2. 1955 Bowman Howie Judson
Awesome vintage Bowman TV. Awesome pitcher pose. Awesome card.

1. 1957 Topps Alex Grammas
I have an irrational love of this card. It's just cool. And the autograph is perfectly placed. Grammas was a backup player for about a decade (three years in Cincy), a manager for three years, and a coach for many more, including a stint with the Big Red Machine.

Top Ten week continues tomorrow. Go Reds.

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