Sunday, November 2, 2014

Completely Red: 1990 Topps/Topps Traded

Kind of an odd set, this one. I was reminiscing about the 1990 World Series championship year, so I felt the need to post that year's flagship. Topps went way off base with this design (Hey! That's a baseball phrase!) Overcompensating for the white-border-dullness of '88 and '89, I suppose. Though those sets were pretty alright. All the color on this one, however, is off-putting. Perhaps it's an early preview of the Topps Finest line and their year-to-year color vomitorium. Or it's an homage to grade-school arts and crafts.

The Reds in the set more than make up for any design flaws. This ragtag bunch of hooligans just whooped everyone on their way to their sweeping of the A's in the Fall Classic. Here's a fun fact. The Reds have won 9 straight World Series games. Game 7 in 1975, Games 1-4 in 1976, and Games 1-4 in 1990. A bittersweet record indeed, in that we haven't even had a chance to break the streak in over two decades.


Cards - 35

RC's - 2 (Mike Roesler, Tim Layana)

All Stars - 15 (Barry Larkin, Rob Dibble, Tommy Helms, John Franco, Mariano Duncan, Eric Davis, Paul O'Neill, Norm Charlton, Tom Browning, Danny Jackson, Jack Armstrong, Johnny Bench, Chris Sabo, Randy Myers, Lou Piniella)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Barry Larkin, Johnny Bench)

Reds Hall of Famers - 7 (Ken Griffey, Eric Davis, Jose Rijo, Tom Browning, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Ron Oester)

Clashing Colors - 5,000


 10 Barry Larkin
 46 Rob Dibble
 94 Herm Winningham
 110 Tommy Helms MG
 120 John Franco
 151 Rick Mahler
 176 Luis Quinones
 203 Mike Roesler
 234 Mariano Duncan
 260 Eric Davis
 289 Norm Charlton
 332 Paul O'Neill
 364 Rolando Roomes
 402 Eric Davis AS
 418 Tom Browning
 445 Danny Jackson
 492 Ron Oester
 516 Tim Leary
 553 Scott Scudder
 581 Ken Griffey Sr.
 604 Ron Robinson
 627 Jose Rijo
 642 Jack Armstrong
 664 Johnny Bench TBC
 668 Joe Oliver
 687 Tim Birtsas
 712 Todd Benzinger
 737 Chris Sabo
 772 Jeff Reed
   13T Glenn Braggs
   38T Billy Hatcher
   55T Tim Layana
   76T Hal Morris
   78T Randy Myers
   96T Lou Piniella MG

Go Reds.

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