Friday, November 28, 2014

TTM Goodness: Browning, Gibralter, Berenyi

Tom Browning was drafted by the Reds in 1982 and began his 11 year stint with them in 1984. He won 20 games in 1985, was an All Star in 1991, pitched a perfect game in 1988, and won a World Series game in 1990 three days after his wife gave birth. He joined the Reds Hall of Fame in 2006. Signed is a 1988 Fleer #228.

Steve Gibralter was drafted by the Reds in 1990 and would debut for them in 1995. His entire major league career consisted of 5 at-bats and 6 innings in the field over the 1995 and 1996 seasons and a single hit. Signed is a 1992 Upper Deck Minors #284.

Bruce Berenyi was drafted by the Reds in 1976 and debuted for them in 1980. He spent 4 and a half years in Cincy and 2 and a half years with the Mets, which included 131 starts, ROY votes, and a 4-strikeout inning. I only sent Berenyi one card to sign, but he was generous enough to throw in three more. Signed are a 1984 Topps #297, 1983 Donruss #103, 1984 Fleer #463, and a 1982 Fleer #58.

Go Reds.



  1. Did you get the Browning autograph recently?

    1. Naw, a buddy of mine got it in-person and mailed it to me. I suppose that doesn't fall under the true spirit of a TTM, but I'm too lazy to sort through my scans and pluck away the handful of exceptions.